The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

FRAL Programme franco-allemand en SHS - 2012

AmGames – Ambiguity in Games: The Role of Uncertainty in Strategic Interactions

CActuS – Criticisme Today. Theory of Society, Sociology and social critique in France and Germany

CBVC – Competition and Bargaining in Vertical Chains

DIMOCHA – From disparities in mortality trends to future health challenges

EIKON – The life of Greek portraits

FLIM (FLaubert IMages) – Flaubert and the power of images

IFCASL – Individualised Feedback in Computer-Assisted Spoken Language learning

Kura in Motion! – Kura in Motion! Humans, plants and animals in the Middle Kura Valley, 6th to 3rd millennia BCE.

MD-SKILLS – Fostering Multiple Document Literacy Skills: A European Perspective

METACULT – METACULT - METissages (Crossbreedings), Architecture, CULTure Cultural transfers in Architecture and Town Planning. Strasbourg 1830-1940

MINES – On Salt, Copper and Gold : the Origins of Early Mining in the Caucasus

OEF – Ovid in french. Genesis, transformation and reception of Ovide moralisé.

POLCELL – Politics of the living: a study on the emergence and reception of the cell theory in France and Germany, ca. 1800-1900

PRESTO – The Evolution of the French Preposition System

StabEX – Stabilizing Macroeconomic Shocks: Experiments on the Interaction between Central Bank and Private Sector

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