The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

INS Ingénierie Numérique & Sécurité - 2012

BINSEC – Binary code analysis for security

BioPriv – Biometric Systems Private by Design

BWare – A Proof-Based Mechanized Plate-Forme for the Verification of B Proof Obligations

CAFEIN – Combining Analyses for the Study of Numerical Invariants

E-MATA HARI – ElectroMAgneTic Analysis, decipHering And Reverse engineering of Integrated circuits

GeMoC – A Generic Model of Computation Framework for Model Execution and Dynamic Analysis

HOPE – Hierarchically Organized Power/Energy management

IRIS – Intelligent Retina for Innovative Sensing

LIESSE – Laser-Induced fault Effects in Security-dedicated circuitS

SESAME – Solutions and Security Studies Applied to the Magnetic Memory

SIMPATIC – SIM and PAiring Theory for Information and Communications security

TEMOP – Mecatronic Technology for Control Stick

W-SEPT – WCET: SEmantics, Precision, Traceability

WiNoCoD – Wired RF-based Network On Chip Reconfigurable On Demand

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