The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

Blanc SIMI 1 Blanc - SIMI 1 - Mathématiques et interactions - 2012

AARG – Asymptotic Analysis in General Relativity

ARAMIS – Analysis of Robust Asymptotic Methods In numerical Simulation in mechanics

AVENTURES – Variational Analysis for photoacoustic, thermoacoustic and ultrasonic tomographies

CAESAR – Additive Combinatorics: Sets, Finite Sequences and Remarkable Applications

CARMA – Algebraic Combinatorics, Resurgence, Moulds and Applications

CHROME – Heating, Reflectometry ans Waves for Magnetic Plasma

Do Well B. – Design of Well Being Monitoring Systems

DROITE – Dynamic Reconstruction of Region Of Interest Tomography. Theory and Experiments. Reconstruction Dynamique de Région d'Intérêt en Tomographie. Théorie et Expérimentations.

Finsler – Finsler Geometry and applications

GATHO – Algebraic groups and homology theories

GDSous/GSG – Geometry of Subgroups

GEODISP – Geometry and dispersion for nonlinear waves

GEOMETRYA – Geometric measure theory and applications

GTO – Geometry and Topology of open manifolds

HAB – Harmonic Analysis at its Boundaries

HJnet – Hamilton-Jacobi equations on heterogeneous structures and networks

OPTIFORM – Shape Optimization

PEACE – Parameter spaces for Efficient Arithmetic and Curve security Evaluation

REGULATEURS – Regulators and explicit formulae

STAB – Stability for the asymptotic behavior of PDEs, stochastic processes and their discretizations.

WKBHJ – Weak KAM beyond Hamilton-Jacobi

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