The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

Blanc Inter II SIMI 4 Blanc International II - SIMI 4 - Physique - 2011

AXION – Neutron Interferometry as Test for Standard Model and Newton Gravitational Forces

BORATESYB – Research and development of pure and Yb3+- activated nonlinear optical (NLO) borate type crystals for the realization of new compact and tunable high-power visible solid-state laser sources based on frequency conversion processes.

DYMESYS – Real-time dynamics in strongly correlated mesoscopic systems

HIDE – HIgh Dimensional Entanglement

ILA – Innovant particles and radiation sources produced by LAser plasma interaction

PWTELEMAN – Beijing(Pékin) -Wuxi-Toulouse-Erlangen-Le Mans collaboration on Time dependent Electronic dynamics in Molecules And Nanosystems

Quapris – Quantum phases of random interacting systems

QuExSuperC – Quantum Experiments with Superconducting Circuits

TERRA-MWH – Laboratory convection experiments with internal, non-contact, microwave generated heating, applied to Earth’s mantle dynamics

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