The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

INS Ingénierie Numérique et Sécurité - 2011

AMORES – Architecture for MObiquitous REsilient Systems

ARDyT – Reliable and Reconfigurable Dynamic Architecture

AstréeA – Static Analysis of Embedded Asynchronous Real-Time Software

BLOC – Design and cryptanalysis of block ciphers

COMPA – Design Oriented Model of Computation for Embedded and Adaptive Multiprocessor

DEFIS – Design of fixed-point embedded systems

KISS – Keep your Information Safe and Secure

LYRICS – Lightweight privacy-enhancing cryptography for mobile contactless services

MAGIC-SPS – Guaranteed Methods and Algorithms for Integrity Control and Preventive Monitoring of Systems

MARS – MRAM (Magnetic Memory) based Architecture for Reliable and low power Systems

Paral-ITP – Pervasive Parallelism in Highly-Trustable Interactive Theorem Proving Systems

REVER – Programming reversible recoverable systems

Robust FPGA – Design of a Defect Tolerant FPGA

SACSO – Solutions for the self-Adaptation of Communicating Systems in Operation

VACSIM – Validating crtical systems control by coupling simulation and formal analysis methods

VERASCO – Formally-verified static analyzers and compilers

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