The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects


ABSYS 2 – Advanced BST based SYStems: new RF designs

AMORCE – Compact antenna platforms for IP on the move satellite applications

CONNECT – Content-Oriented Networking: a New Experience for Content Transfer.

EXPRESSO – Lossy filters for multiradio front-ends. Application to future wireless home-networking communications

F-Lab – F-Lab: Federating computing resources

GENGHIS KhAN – AlInN/Gan Evaluation for low Noise - hiGH power, and Integrated circuitS in and above KA baNd

LICoRNe – Leveraging Insurance for services providers cohabitation over Cognitive Radio Networks

Low.IQ – Ultra Low Power Consumption Low Noise Cryogenics and Ambient MMIC for Space Telecommunications in Q-band


OCELOT – Prototype development of an all optical linear sampling based constellation oscilloscope

PIMI : Personal Information Management through Internet – Design and deployment platform for Personal Information Manager

ProSe – Security protocols : formal model, computational model, and implementations

ReAGaN – REalibility Analysis of GaN technologies. Development of an innovative methodology for physical and electrical analysis at the device scale

RESCUE – Mobile Coordinated Substitution Network

TRIMARAN – Time-Reversal MIMO OFDM Green communicAtions based on MicRo-structured ANtennas

UltraWIDE – Ultra-Wideband Integrated amplifying Device for Enhanced WDM optical systems

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