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Funded projects

Blanc SVSE 4 Sciences de la vie, de la santé et des écosystèmes : Neurosciences - 2010

Angioneurins – Expression and function of VEGFRs ((Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptors) in the biology of CNS neural cells: developmental and physiological aspects; potential interest for tissue repair therapies

AxonGuidOR – Odorant Receptor-dependent axon guidance in the mouse olfactory system

ClockGen – Identification of new genes involved in the generation of circadian rhythms and their entrainment in Drosophila

Complex-V1 – Multiscale complexity of functional dynamics in visual cortex

CONSTRUCT – Neural bases of constituent structure

DECCA – Decision, confidence, and compulsive actions: the neural bases of metacognition and its dysfunctions in obsessive-compulsive disorder

DRUGORBITAL – Pathological decision-making in cocaine addiction: role of the orbitofrontal cortex and its projections to the dorsal striatum

EPILAND – Epilepsy, Language and Development : molecular networks, pathophysiology and cortical development

GenRESP – Physiology and Evolution of the Neural Control of Respiration

HYPER-MND – Why are all spinal motor neurons not affected by neurodegeneration? Testing the hyperexcitability hypothesis

KAREP – Kainate receptors in acute and chronic mouse models of epilepsy

KCC2-SCI – The potassium-chloride transporter KCC2 : a new target for the treatment of neurological diseases

MemoNeuro – Hippocampal neurogenesis: a novel substrat for memory

METANEX – Metabolic management of neuronal hyperexcitability: a new approach to treat epilepsy.

MLA – Neural basis and behavioural characterization of spontaneous attention fluctuations

MolCellCog – A novel, integrated approach to the mechanisms and dynamics of episodic memory: from genes to cells and neural network properties.

Neurobese – The role of the mTORC1 pathway in the modulation of hypothalamic adult neurogenesis and neuroinflammation in diet-induced obesity.

Neurorelaps – Identification and selective manipulation of neuronal microcircuits implicated in pathological relapse of fear and addiction behaviors.

NICOPLASTIC – In Vivo Synaptic Plasticity Associated With Nicotine Addiction

OpticNeuron – Optical Dissection of Information Flow in single neurons within brain

Opto-Rhythms – Optogenetic manipulation of neuroendocrine rhythms

OptoChAT-Park – Plasticity and role of cholinergic interneuron-driven striatal microcircuits in basal ganglia pathophysiological functioning

ParaHP – Homeoprotein Paracrine Activity and Translocation

ParKemoS – Neuro-Immune Interactions during Neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s Disease: Role of the Chemokine Network

RESPITASK – TASK K+ channel contribution in central respiratory chemosensitivity

RoME – Role of Microglia in Epilepsy

SIBEMOL – Social interaction behavior and the macaque orbitofrontal lobes

SYNAMYEL – Synaptic control of NG2 cell fate during myelination and myelin repair

SynIQ – Synaptic pathophysiology in murin models of mental retardation

TIMMS – To the Identification of Molecular Mediators of Stress

VISAFIX – Functional instability during ocular fixation : perceptual and motor conséquences

YADDLE – Molecular cross-talks during commissural axon guidance in the developing spinal cord

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