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Funded projects

DS10 Défi des autres savoirs - 2016

00111001 – Synthesis and Sequencing of Information-Containing Macromolecules

ABIM – Approximations and Behavior of stochastic Individual-based Models

AGIRA – Actions of Groups, Isometries, Rigidity and Alea

ALCALINF – Alkali-earth matter wave interferometry

AlloAnc – Ancestral Allostery

AMOR – Data Model Reconstruction of the Cenozoic Climate

APACHE – Astroparticles and pulsars: connections from low to ultrahigh energies

Arch-Evol – Phylogenomic approaches to investigate the origin and evolution of the Archaea

ASPEN – Atomic Species Production via Electronically excited states in high eNergy density Plasmas


AVINECK – The birds neck, an arm for the robots

BEaPro – Utilisation des sursauts gamma comme sondes de l'Univers lointain

BIOLUM – Molecular origin and modulation of the color in firefly bioluminescence

BIOMAGNET – On the quest of a biological compass: magnetic field effects on the cryptochrome protein

biomiPEPs – Exploring the miPEP biology

Black-dS-String – Black Hole Microstate and de Sitter Landscapes in String Theory

BORDS – Boundaries, Oscillations, layeRs in Differential Systems

CaOC – : Cavities for Optical Clocks

Cap-SFC-MS – Capillary supercritical fluid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry for the analysis of biomolecules

CARBONARA – Control of Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage by Radical SAM Enzymes

ChroK – Chromatic homotopy and K-theory

CIAWOL – Molecular and cellular bases of the phenotypic diversity of Cytoplasmic Incompatibility caused by Wolbachia in insects

CIRCE – Correlation Induced Relaxation dynamics in Complex XUV-Excited molecules

CLEARWING – Transparency: physical origin, adaptive functions and evolution in clearwing butterflies


CLYMENE – Czochralski growth of Li2MoO4 crYstals for the scintillating boloMeters used in the rare EveNts sEarches

COLD HMINUS – Interactions of cold and trapped negative hydrogen ions

conformalbootstrap – Bootstrapping Conformal Theories

DAGGER – Dynamics of Automorphism of Groups: Growth, Entropy, Random walks

DenseQCDatLHC – Uncovering QCD at high parton densities with hadron-hadron collisions at the LHC

DOM-ART – Dating the Oldest Manifestations of ART in South Africa.

DynGeo – Dynamics and geometric structures

e-PYTHEAS – exo-PlanetarY high-Temperature Hydrocarbons by Emission and Absorption Spectroscopy

eBOSS – Cosmological probes of Gravity and Dark Energy

ECOUTURB – High Reynolds number turbulent boundary layers in low temperature classical or superfluid helium

ELASTICA – Photo-Induced Elastic Cooperativity in Bi-stable Volume-Changing Materials

ELODIS2 – Electrodynamics of Disordered Superconductors

ENZINVIVO – In vivo determination of enzymatic parameters in a multistep synthetic pathway

ERODISS – Hydrodynamics in erosion by dissolution: morphology and dynamics

ESRR – Stellar Evolution with Rapid Rotation

ETKnoS – Encoding and Transmitting Knowledge with a String : a comparative study of the cultural uses of mathematical practices in string-figure making (Oceania, North & South America)

FARM_VALUE – Farm value and farm transfer: perspectives from economics and sociology

Fir-OM – Firmicutes with an outer membrane: toward new models to study the diderm/monoderm cell envelope transition

Foliage – Foliations and algebraic geometry

FullyQuantum – Full quantum operation of integer and non-integer charge pulses in quantum wires

GATE – Generic approach to new organic semiconductors for electronic applications

GeDEmi – Generation of efficient Dual Emitters based on 6-membered ring Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer (ESIPT) molecular systems.

GENPACK-VIRUS – Solving Levinthal's paradox for genome packaging in icosahedral ssRNA viruses

GeRepMod – Geometric methods in modular representation theory of finite reductive groups

HEL-NHC – Helicenic N-heterocyclic carbenes (helicenic NHCs): synthesis, structure, photophysical properties and catalytic activity

HELLIX – High repetition rate laser for lensless imaging in the XUV

HEROES – HEterodyne Receivers OptimizEd for Synchrotron sources

HIWAI – Homogenized seIsmic full WAveform Inversion and downscaling

Hmicmac – Host-microbiota co-adaptations: mechanisms and consequences

Hodgefun – Fundamental Groups, Hodge Theory and Motives

Horizons – Scattering and propagation phenomena near spacetime horizons

HotShowers – Modification of parton showers in the Quark-Gluon Plasma

ICARE – Innovative membrane Crystallization contactor: Applications to diffusion / REaction processes

ICDSpec – Interatomic Coulombic Decay in nanodroplets : towards a novel spectroscopy

IDTODQG – Impurity Dynamics in Tunable One-Dimensional Quantum Gases

ILLUSTRARE – Integrative Visual Abstraction of Molecular Data

IMAGERI – Velocity map IMAGing of emitted Electrons from Radiosensitizers upon Ion collision

ImaZinc – Zinc homeostasis during brain cortico-genesis

ImpactMeta – impact of metacognition on behaviour

IONPAIRS – Spectroscopy of isolated and microsolvated ion pairs

ISDEEC – Interactions between dynamical systems, evolution equations and control

JETS – Josephson Effect, Topology and Spins

LOCO3D – Locomotion in complex environment

LYRICS – Gas Life cYcle around galaxies : oRIgin and state of Cold accretion Streams

MAGA – Monge-Ampère and Computational Geometry

MAGMA – Magnetic Properties of Graphene Functionalized with 2D Molecular Assemblies

MARS-PRIME – Mars Primitive Environment

META-FORET – New Developments toward Seismic Metamaterials

METACRACK – Dynamic failure of meta-materials

MFG – Mean Field Games

MOLYERE – Understanding and Controlling the Molybdenum Cofactor Reactivity in Enzymes and Maquette Proteins

MQwires – One dimensional spin-quantum transport in molecular wires

MULTIFRACS – Multifractal theory and methods for large size multivariate systems - Applications to scale free analysis of brain dynamics analysis

MultiRisk – Econometric Methods for the Modelling of Multiple Risks

NaijaSynCor – A Corpus-based Macro-Syntactic Study of Naija (Nigerian Pidgin)

NanoMiX – Nanophotonics of complex media: new modeling tools towards new optical phenomena

NAUTRAM – Characterizing the production of therapeutic compounds and natural tramadol in Nauclea latifolia trees: biosynthetic pathways, genetic and environmental influences, and range of related bioactivities present

OASIS – Organics and Aqueous Systems in Icy Satellites

OASIWAT – Origin, mutations and dynamics in Southeastern Arabia oases: Soil/water availability and management for the last 5 millennia

OREO – Elaboration of supramolecular assemblies of organometallic complexes by pi-anion interactions and application in asymmetric catalysis.

PACHYNO – Probing the diversity of Astrophysically relevant Carbon and HYdrogen NanOparticles

PaleOX – Oxidation in the pristine Cenozoic atmosphere Co-evolution with life and climate

PERCO – Photo-generated Extreme Reductive Power with Copper(I) Based Photosensitizers

PerfoBac – How do bacteriophages perforate the bacterial cell wall?

PETIMIT – Photoinduced electron transfer in mechanically-interlocked molecules for super-resolution imaging and charge transport

Phasefield – Phase-field models, algorithms and simulations for multiphase complex fluids

PhotonPortal – Shedding light on physics beyond the Standard Model at the LHC Run 2 using photons

PLANET-FORMING-DISKS – Transformational models for Transformational Data

POMPEI – Properties Of H2ONH3CH4 Mixtures relevant for Planets and Exoplanets Interiors

PPPP – Percolation and first-passage percolation

PRALLOCAT – Towards processive allosteric catalysts for molecular encoding

ProLiFiC – Particles under thin Liquid Film Confinement

QFL – Quantum Fluids of Light

Quantact – Quantum topology and contact geometry

QUOPROB – Quantum Probabilities & Objectivity: New Pragmatist Insights

QuTherm – Quantum thermal transport in mesoscopic circuits

RADICALS – Sulfur radical species and their applications for metal resources, magma evolution, and isotope geochemistry

RAHIIA_SSOM – Residue Analyses from the Heating of processed Interstellar Ice Analogues: understanding the formation of Solar System Organic Matter

RecInChromatin – DNA double strand break repair in the context of chromatin.

Relfi – From local rearrangements to macroscopic internal friction

RESIST – Rapid Evolution of Symbiotic Interactions in response to STress: processes and mechanisms

ReViSaL – Search for lepton flavor violation at LHCb

RODESIS – Superconductivity in a single atomic plane

SADAM – Search And Destroy with Aza-Macrocycles

SAJA – Sense of Agency in Joint Action

SAMARA – Spectra, algorithms and random walks on random networks

SansSouci – Post hoc approaches for large-scale multiple testing

SENSOR – Spatially encoded NMR spectroscopy of organic reactions

SEO-HiggS2 – Spectroscopy of Exotic Orders- Higgs boson in Superconductors

SINGULAR – Singular Partial Differential Equations


SoLid – Search of Oscillations at very short distance with Lithium6 Detector at SCK-CEN BR2

SPID – Smart Probes for Imaging metal-based Drugs

SPIFBOX – Spin polarized fermions in a box

SPINEX_1 – Spintronics of triplet excitons in the quantum limit

STAPES – Sound Transmission: Anuran PErception and localization of Sounds with two ears

STEEP – Spatial structuring, Treatments and the Evolutionary Epidemiology of Parasites


THERMOLOC – Thermalization and localization in many-body quantum systems: theoretical understanding and experimental signatures

Thermomic – A THERMOdynamic framework for modelling MICrobial growth and community dynamics

TICAMORE – Translating and dIscovering CAlculi for MOdal and RElated logics

TNSTRONG – Tensor-Network Methods for Strongly-Correlated Quantum Matter

TransCraton – Transdimensional Imaging of the Cratonic Lithosphere

TRYAQS – Trapped circular Rydberg atoms for Quantum Simulation

TunaMix – Tuning mixing of suspension by particles (re-)active to their local environment.

VIRGO – A formal viability-based framework for the robust and adaptive management of Coupled Infrastructure Systems within an Institutional and Analysis Development framework

VIRiON – Iron sulfur proteins in giant viruses to seek answers on the origin of life

Vivo2 – Development of new fluorescent phenanthridine-based probes for the site-specific detection and quantification of superoxide radical anion in biological systems

WISSI – Weak Interactions in Stabilized Silylium Ions

WJIE – Why Judicial Institutions Emerge? From Fishing Tribunals to Transnational Regulators

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