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Funded projects

DS10 Défi de tous les savoirs - 2015

2al-VisPhot-CH – Merging visible-light photocatalysis and C-H activation: new strategy towards all-carbon quaternary stereogenic centres


ACTION – Molecular motors and gears in action

ACTIV-CF-LAN – C-F activation involving lanthanides: new concepts and applications

AGEX – Sex-specific ageing in the wild

AIFIT – Aerodynamics of Insect Flight In Turbulent flow

AlpArray-FR – Probing Alpine geodynamics with state-of-the-art seismic arrays and tomography

ANCESSTRAM – ANCESSTRAM: Inferring the characteristics of ANCEStral STRAMenopiles to understand their evolution and ecological success

BacFlow – Hydrodynamic transport and dispersion of bacterial suspensions : from the micro-hydrodynamic scale up to porous media

BactPhys – La physique de l'organisation multicellulaire chez les bacteries

BEKAM – Beyond KAM Theory

BioXFEL – Elucidating structural intermediates of fluorescent proteins using X-ray free electron lasers and ultra-fast UV-visible and infrared spectroscopies

CarNuCat – Carbohydrates Nucleophiles, New Partners in Transition Metals Catalysis

CHeRCHA – CHronology of Rapid Climatic changes and Human adaptation in West Africa

ChiraMolCo – Chiral Molecular Conductors

CIMBAAD – Control of Ionization of Molecules on Both Attosecond and Ångström Dimensions

CoMeDiC – Convergent Metrics for Digital Calculus

COMET – Optical Pinning of Molecules for the Study of Glass Transition

CONVERGENOMIX – Integrative study of convergent genomic evolution across three animal groups

COQS – Controlling Open Quantum Systems: A challenge for future quantum technologies


CRADLE – Chondrite Recipe from Accretion Disk modeling and Laboratory Experiments

CRiBs – Cosmic Rays in super Bubbles

CytoSexDet – Genetic bases and evolutionary consequences of symbiont-driven sex determination

D-CYSIV – innoVative DNA-hybrid asymmetric CatalYSis

DAEMONS – Demonstration of Ability to Establish the Mass Ordering of Neutrinos in the Sea

Dear_Sir – Deciphering the Early Archean Recycling through the Multiple Sulfur Isotpic Record

Défigéo – Definability in non-archimedean geometry

DEFIMAGE – A Great Challenge for Mass Spectrometry Imaging

DefIS – Deforming Integrable Sigma-models

DeNeTheor – Excited States and Dynamics of Functional Re(I) Complexes Embedded in Metalloproteins-Development of New Theoretical Methods for the Simulation and Control of Excited-State Properties and Reactivity in Biological Environments

DETAIL – Delay transition to turbulence by mimicking lotus leaves

DYNAFUN – Dynamic Constitutional Systems-toward selection of functions

ECOVA – Cohomological study of algebraic varieties

ENSOM – Sleep-dependent memory consolidation

ETaT – Oestrogen regulation of thymus and T cell differentiation in teleost fish: an evolutionary and ecotoxicological perspective

ExSqueez – EXperimental SQUEEZing for optomechanics

FASTcorrelation – Finding Accurate and Scalable Theories for Electronic Correlation

Femto-2DNA – 2D UV spectroscopy: A new tool for the investigation of ultrafast processes in biomolecules

FIRE – FInancial and REal interdependencies: volatility, international openness and economic policies

FISICS – Fluctuation Interactions between Soft Interfaces in Complex Systems

GéoLie – Geometrical methods in Lie theory

GHOST – High Frequency Trading and Ghost Liquidity

GiBBS – Grain (Interfaces) Boundaries: Behavior and Segregation

GRACK – Gromov-Hausdorff convergence in Kähler geometry

GRAVETT'OS – Biology, pathology, and behaviours during the Gravettian: From skeletal remains to palaeoethnology

H2O°+-Rad – Probing the ultrashort-lived and powerful oxidizing radical cation H2O•+

HARALAB – Hawking Radiation in the Lab

HeliSol – Magnetic Helicity Measurements in the Solar Atmosphere

HelPhos – Phospha-helicenes. Development of a new class of chiral phosphorus compounds

HIGGSAUTOMATOR – Tools for automatic Higgs calculations in general theories

HYPERPHORB – Hyperspectral management of the photon orbital angular momentum

IFSMACS – Fluid-Structure Interaction: Modelisation, Analyse, Control, Simulation

INFAMIE – INhomogeneous Flows : Asymptotic Models and Interfaces Evolution


INTER-NIT – Chemo- & Enantioselective Intermolecular Nitrene Additions

INTOCC – Innovative Tracers of the Cenozoic Carbon Cycle

IRONIC – Short-Time Dynamics and Electron-Lattice Interactions in Iron Based Superconductors

JOVIAL – Jovian Oscillations through Velocimetry Imaging observAtions at several Longitudes

Liouville – Liouville quantum geometry and turbulent flows

ListenMonopoles – Listening for magnetic monopoles: magnetic excitations in spin ice and the fluctuation-dissipation relation

Locogaze – Evolutionary and developmental neurophysiological substrates for gaze stabilization strategies during locomotion in vertebrates

LSD – Large Stochastic Dynamical Models in Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics

M6fossils – Micro- to nanoscale Molecular, Mineralogical, Morphological and isotopic identification of Micro and Macro-fossils.

MaCoMaOc – Convection in planetary mantles interacting with magma oceans

Map-CellDiv – MapZ: Defining a new regulatory mechanism of bacterial cell division

MECHANOCAT – Mechanocatalytic Responsive Surfaces: Catalysis controlled by mechanical forces

MechNanoTruss – Mechanical response of polymer nanotruss scaffolds

MemoMap – Dynamic mapping of long-term memory formation

MESOPHON – Phonon heat transport in semiconductors containing mesoscale nano-inclusions

MétAConC – Non conventional Analytic methods for Combinatorics

METHIS – Influence of admixture histories on the genetic evolution of hybrid populations

MI2C – Multiscale Investigations of the impact of Mineral Impurities on gas trapping within Clathrate Hydrates

MICROLOCAL – Symplectic topology, microlocal sheaf theory and quantization

MOD4Gaia – Modelling the Milky Way in the Gaia era

Mount-Indole – Mountains to Climb in the Chemistry of Highly Complex Indole Alkaloids: Methodology for Total Synthesis

MRCAT – Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR, EPR) for Polymerization Catalysis

NanoBioSensor – Small – sized analytes biosensing on resonant nanostructures

NC2 – Cavity quantum electrodynamics with Carbon Nanotubes

NEWS – Search for very light WIMP's with gaseous spherical detector

NIKA2Sky – Observing the millimeter sky with the NIKA2 camera

O-codeReader – Parallel orthographic processing and multi-word reading

OBELIX – tOwards Bose-Einstein Liquid with Indirect eXcitons

OptimalJets – Optimal use of jets at LHC and future colliders

OSCAR – Original Sub-millimeter Chirped pulse instrumentation for Astrochemical Reactivity

PARADOX – Does a monitoring deficit underly the real world/laboratory prospective memory paradox in healthy and pathological aging?

PORFUSION – Electrochemically-driven Pi-extension of porphyrins

PREBIOM – Primitive Earth - Biomolecules Interacting with hydrothermal Oceanic Minerals

PVCM – Parity violation in chiral molecules

QIPSE – Quantum Information Processing with Spin Ensembles

QPSNanoWires – Quantum Phase Slips in NanoWires

ReDivaLan – Electron Transfer Reactivity of Organolanthanides: Insights from Spectroscopy and Theory

REEFISH – Relative importance of ecological and evolutionary determinants of coral reef fish biodiversity

REPAIRS – Reparations, Compensations and Indemnities for slavery (Europe, Americas, Africa) (XIXe-XXIe centuries)

SC3A – Surfaces, Categorification and Combinatorics of Cluster Algebras

SEMAINO – Differential Archaeology of the Linguistic Sign


SMOL – New Strategy for the Structural Study of Small Molecules Interacting with Supramolecular Complexes

SOCRATE – New correlated electroic states emerging from strong spin-orbit coupling : the case of iridates

SPECTRA – Survey of the Plasma Environment of a ComeT with RosettA

SPINOES – Spin Physics in Out-of-Equilibrium Superconductors

SPLASH – Significance of the Past LArge Semiaquatic Herbivores: evolutionary history of a polyvalent ecological niche within Cetartiodactyla

SRGI – Sub-Riemannian Geometry and Interactions

SUPER-ICES – SUPERionic, symmetric and ionic states in ICES mixtures (H2O, NH3 and CH4) under extreme conditions

SuperRing – Superfluid dynamics of a low dimensional quantum gas in a ring trap

SUPERSTRIPES – Critical States in Confined Superconductors: From Mesoscopic Phenomena to Microscopic Understanding

SVPIntMex – Secular Variation and Paleointensity in Mexico during the Plio-Quaternary

TransVir – Mechanisms and frequency of virus-mediated horizontal transfer of genetic material between animals

TurbOHEDP – Turbulent Hydrodynamics experiments in High Energy Desnity Plasmas

UnlockCepheids – Unlocking the potential of Cepheids as primary distance calibrators

VHF-DNP-NMR – Very High Field DNP / MAS NMR

WhyCooperate – Can cooperation be under social or sexual selection? Assessing the reliability of cooperation and examining the direct benefits obtained by co-operators

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