The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

DS0707 Interactions des mondes physiques, de l'humain et du monde numérique - 2014

ACHMOV – Acurate Human Modeling in Video

ACORFORMed – Virtual Reality for Training Doctors to Break Bad News

AUDINM – Analysis and Understanding of Document Images in Network Media

DYCI2 – Creative Dynamics of Improvised Interaction

IOTFetMov – Key technologies in IOT based fetal movement monitoring and pregnant women’s health assessments

ISAR – Interaction with Spatial Augmented Reality

ITALODISCO – Innovative Techniques for the Advanced Learning Of Distributional Compositionality

KEHATH – Advanced quality methods for post-edition of machine translation

MapMuxing – Multi-dimensional Map Multiplexing

OpenSensingCity – Fostering Uses and Usages of Open Sensor Data in Smart Cities

PARSEME-FR – Syntactic parsing and multiword expressions in French

PERSEPTEUR – 3D Virtual Platform for Wireless Sensor Network Simulation

RichShape – Representation and manipulation of highly detailed shapes


SoniMove – Inform, Guide and Learn Actions by Sounds

TERANOVA – Temporal Exploration with Raster Algorithm as Novel Visualization Algorithms

TurboTouch – High performance touch interactions

VICTEAMS – VIrtual Characters for team Training: Emotional, Adaptive, Motivated and Social

WEB-NLG – Generating Text from Semantic Web Data

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