The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

DS0705 Fondements du numérique - 2014

Aggreg – Aggregation Queries

Chronos – Time and Events in Computer Science, Control Theory, Signal Processing, Computer Music, and Computational Neurosciences and Biology

COSMOS – COmputational Statistics and MOlecular Simulation

DSIM – Spectroscopic Decomposition in Multispectral Images

ELICA – Expanding Logical Ideas for Complexity Analysis

ExTra-Learn – Extraction and Transfer of Knowledge in Reinforcement Learning

Fast Relax – Fast Reliable Approximation

GAG – Games and graphs

GEOMFLUID – Geometric integrators in fluid dynamics and elasticity

GRAPHSIP – Graph Signal Processing

LACIS – Light Adaptive Color Image Sensors

LearnCost – Learning Model Constraints for Structured Prediction

LOVE – Anderson localization of vector waves

MAD – Missing Audio Data Inpainting

MIRIAM – Multi-Image Restoration and fusion: from Applied Mathematics to the imaging Industry

MITICC – Miniature Trapped Ion Clock on a Chip

MOONRISE – MOdels, Oscillations and NumeRIcal SchEmes

PAPS – Patch-aware Processing of Surfaces

RAPIDO – Reasoning And Programming with Infinite Data Objects

RHODES – Tomographic reconstruction of deformable objects for electron cryo microscopy

ROCC-SYS – Robust Control of Cyber-Physical Systems

SAGA – Structural geometric approximation for algorithms

SenseFly – Sensor-Based Flying Multi-Robot System

SloFaDyBio – a network for Slow-fast Dynamics applied to the Biosciences

STARGATE – Stochastic approach for navigation functions in uncertain environment

STICK'IT – Passive Antenna Systems Printable on Conformable Support

WIREFREE – Tailored WIREless power transFeR Systems for mobile Electronic Equipments

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