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Funded projects

DS10 Défi de tous les savoirs - 2014

1 shot reloaded – Electron quantum optics : many body physics at the few particles scale

ACHYLLES – Asymptotic Capturing for HYperbolic conservation Laws with LargE Source terms

AMICI – Advanced Modelling of Island Control for ITER

Anion Cos Chem – Exploring the Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Cosmic Anions

ANTION – Anti-ion


ARCHEOGAL – The Milky Way disc formation in the Gaia era

ARCHI-CORE – Functional importance of the cortical core in the high density counterstream architecture

B-War – Type VI SecretBacterial warfare : Type VI Secretion System Architecture and Function

Bacterial sensing – Microbial perception during social behaviors

Bactterns – Pattern Formation by Bacteria: from Theoretical Physics to Synthetic Biology

BirdIslandGenomic – BirdIslandGenomic: A genomic perspective on the evolution in small populations of island endemic birds

BMV – Vacuum Magnetic Birefringence

BOLODISS – Boson Localization in Disordered Spin Systems

CemeNTAA – Cementochronology: New Techniques for Archaeological Applications

ChemCatNanoTech – International Collaboration in Chemistry: Mechanistic studies of oxygen electrocatalysis by nanoelectrochemical techniques

Cirmath – Circulations of Mathematics in and by Journals: history, territories and publics.

CLICKREAL – Discovery of bioorthogonal click and release reactions: toward new tools for chemical biology


DynBioReact – Development and Application of Direct Dynamics Simulations for Reactivity of Biological Molecules

ECOTOOL – Cognition and tool-use economy. Insights from experimental, neuro- and comparative psychology

EDNHS – Energy Diffusion in Noisy Hamiltonian Systems

ElongMech – Elongation mechanics in vertebrate embryos

EMA – Emerging azacalixphyrin: a novel molecular tool for science

EMARKS – Extremal metrics and relative K-stability

EROQUAKE – Erosion and Earthquakes

ESBODYR – Excited States of BiO-relevant systems: towards ultrafast DYnamics with conformational Resolution

ExHyb – EXploring genomic stability in HYBrids

EXPAND – Explorations across the neutron dripline

Expendo – Toward experimental endosymbiosis

FAPRES – FAilure PREcursors in Soft matter

FIGARONET – Fast International GRB and Afterglow Research and Observation Network

FOFAMIFS – FOmation and FAte of Mass-Independent Fractionation Signatures

FROST – Custom laser pulse-trains and FRequency cOmbs using Space-Time duality

GAMME – Groups, Actions, Metrics, Measures and Ergodic theory

Gardio – Arakelov geometry and Diophantine geometry

GIPSE – GIant Planetary Systems Exploration

GLOBAFRICA – Reconnecting Africa: Sub-Saharan Africa and the World prior to European Imperialism

GRAAL – Random Graphs and Trees

HALIGO – Hydrogen atom donors and cooperative ligands stemming from oxyallyl frameworks

Hbb+ttH@LHC – Higgs boson couplings to top and bottom quarks

INDIGO – INcorporation and DIffusion of noble gases in Grain bOundaries

INTEGRATIONS – INTEGRAted moTIONS from molecular machines and motors

KidamySyn – Convergent total synthesis of kidamycin

LODOCAT – Lotharingian Christianities-Catholic Ridge, 9th-18th centuries

MACH – Micro-Astro-Shocks

MagLune – Lunar magnetism: field evolution and dynamo generation

MATER-IMMUNITY – Maternal transfer of immunity in insects: functional characterisation and evolution

MAToS – Mathematical Analysis of Topological Singularities in some physical problems

MCFUNEX – Multi-configuration density-functional theories for excited states

MicrogramNMR – Micro-Detection in Solid State NMR

MigraCat – Catalytic Migrative Cross-Couplings

MISFITS – Molecular Imaging by Strong-Field Induced Tunneling, Scattering and recombination

MISTRAL – Magnetic Impurities in SuperconducToRs: from single Atoms to Lattices

MTMED – Multi-Techniques Modeling of Electron Densities

n2EDM – Toward a measurement of the neutron electric dipole moment

NectarCAM – Camera demonstrators for Very High Energy astronomy

NONLOCAL – Propagation phenomena and nonlocal equations

OCEOADAPTO – Unexplored human history in the Indian Ocean: Human biological adaptations to the Indian Ocean slave trade and Indonesian dispersal to Madagascar

ONE_SHOT_FT-ICR_MS_2D – Single Scan Two-Dimensional Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry

ORAGE – Hydrodynamics and radiation in galaxies of the early universe

PALLAS – Planetesimal and Asteroidal earLy evoLution in the solAr System

PeptiSystems – Energetic processes driving potential peptide protometabolisms at the origin of living systems

PerCoLaTor – PERfectoids, Completed cohomology, LAnglands correspondence and TORsion in the cohomology

QuantumLimit – Electronic ground states of 3D electron gaz system in the quantum limit regime

QUEST – Quantum Hall edge channels tunnelling spectroscopy

RAPP – Representation and Planning of Prosody

REALWET – Wetting on Real Surfaces : Dynamics and Nanoroughness

SAGACE – Stellar mass And GAlaxy CEnsus in the first 2 billion years of the Universe

SAPINS – Secondary Alteration Processes IN Solar system

SAROCEMA – Single Atom Register in an Optical Cavity for Entanglement of Many Atoms

SAT – Higher structures in Algebra and Topology

SexChange – The evolution of sex in spatially and temporally changing environments

SINGSTAR – Analysis on singular and non-compact spaces: a C*-algebra approach

SoRBeT – Search for new physics with rare beauty decays at the LHC

SPIQE – A spin-photon interface: quantum entanglement and quantum measurements

SPOCQ – Synchronized Pulses in Optical Cavities for Quantum optics and quantum information systems

SRB – Sulfate Reducing Bacteria: mechanisms of biomineralization and preservation of biosignatures of a key metabolism of Earth history

Stay or Go – Should I stay or should I go? Phenotypic and environmental determinants of larval dispersal

StopNCo – Effort and coordination in the production of stop consonants

StoQ – Stochastic Methods in Quantum Mechanics

Sulf-As-CH – Sulfoxide- a novel strategy for the asymmetric C-H bond activation

SuperSUN – SuperSUN – a new high-density source for ultracold neutrons

TriLogMean – Trivalent Logics and Natural Language Meaning

UPSCALE – Understanding the Pitch Sensitivity of Chiral Materials

VIMAD – Visual-Inertial aided navigation for Micro Aerial Drones

VOLTERRE – Experimental Constraints on the Origin of Volatile Elements on Earth

Xstase – XUV STudies of light beams carrying Angular momenta: Synthesis and Exchanges

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