The French National Research Agency Projects for science

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Funded projects

ASTRID Accompagnement spécifique des travaux de recherches et d’innovation défense - 2016

APHYPIS – Advanced Processing of Hyperspectral Images and Sequences

BIOPULSE – Biological sensing Platform for high-sensistivity detection and identification of trace pathogen sampled by air jets.

BLOC-PRINT – Bio-orinting assisted surgery: skin and cartilage

CABS – controllable absorber for embedded sensor

CARAPACE – Cold spray for high performance polymeric coatings

EOFIL – Study of dual-frequency fibre laser oscillators

ESTROCHOC – Increasing survival and protecting the kidney by using a sinlge dose of Estrogen during hemorragic shock and rhabdomyolysis

EVAPOR – pression and load evaluation from optical measurements

EXOCET – Exosomes from stem cells for the treatment of radiological burns

Fast-HEM-3DSIW – Fast Hybrid Electromagnetic Modeling for the analysis of highly-integrated complex 3D Substrate Integrated Waveguide antenna front-ends

FILCERA – FIeLd grading CERamic for high voltage Applications

GoSiMP – Combined Epitaxy Optimizations for GaN on Silicon Microwave Power Devices

LASAGNE – Laser dynamics study from eigenmode decomposition

MetaStress – Impact of stress on decision and metacognition: an applied perspective for aeronautics

MODUL'O PI – Reduced order modelling for the optimization of naval structures - uncertainty propagation

NanoDeTox – Design of efficient nanoparticles for skin decontamination towards Chemical Warfare Agents

NA²S²A – Novel Antenna Architectures with a Simplified Feeding Network


REELTHOR – Thorax tolerance limits under dynamic loadings

SACADE – Attack scenarios for SCADAs

SESAME – big data infraStructurE and analytics for AIS & Sentinel SAtellite Data for the surveillance of the MaritimE Traffic

SIMUMOPS – SImulation of MUltiphase flows in MOving geometries for innovative Propulsion Systems

SYMPATI – Synthesis of the piezoelectric material of the future : the peroskite SnTiO3

TAPAS – Talbot Lasers for Processing of Analog Signals

TargetInnate – Targeting lung epithelial cells or type 3 innate lymphoid cells for the treatment of respiratory infections induced by Klebsiella pneumoniae

TURBIDENT – turbulent closure parameter identification for the surface layer of marine circulation models.

VITABONE – Bioceramic scaffolds with gyroid porous architecture fabricated by an additive manufacturing process for supplying glucose to stem cells and enhance their osteogenic abilities in the context of large bone defects

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