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ANR and ClimateANR ConferenceIntroduction


The French National Research Agency (ANR) organised the conference entitled “Coping with climate change / The contribution of collaborative research projects” which was held on Monday 6 July 2015 at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris.

The aim was to highlight the latest research in the field of climate conducted in the framework of collaborative projects funded by ANR and the strategic Investments for the Future programme. The event was organised as a side event of the international scientific conference “Our Common Future under Climate Change” which took place at UNESCO, Paris, on July 7-10, 2015.

Beyond progress on climate processes and scenarios of evolution, the symposium addressed issues related to impact, resilience, adaptation and reduction of greenhouse gases. The following topics were highlighted:

  • Links between the various parameters characterising climate change, including interactions with ecosystems and societies through integrated approaches
  • Contribution of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Cooperation with stakeholders, and the public and private actors

The one-day conference was organised around four plenary sessions on the following topics:

  • Observation of the processes of change
  • The climate impacts and associated vulnerabilities
  • The strategies of impact reductions: policies and regulations
  • Towards alternative solutions

About a hundred posters complemented the oral presentations, including in emerging areas such as the impact of climate change on health, with a particular focus on infectious diseases.

A look back at ANR’s event: upcoming link in September

ANR and Climate ANR Conference Programme Presentations & Posters