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ANR and ClimateANR ConferencePresentations

Presentations and Posters

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Opening session

Session 1: Observing the change processes, Sylvie Joussaume, Director of research and of the climate-environment-society research consortium, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette Upcoming presentation 


Session 2: The impact of climate and related vulnerabilities, Gilles Bergametti, Research Director, CNRS Upcoming presentation


Session 3: Strategies for reducing impacts: policies and instruments, François Jacq, President and CEO of IFREMER


Session 4: Towards alternative solutions? Xavier Le Roux, Research Director, Coordinator of the European Network BiodivERsA, INRA Paris

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Territories, cities and energy


Governance and social dynamics


Air, water, ice and carbon


Soils and biodiversity


Ecosystems, bioresources and health


ANR and Climate ANR Conference Programme Presentations & Posters