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Interactions des mondes physiques, de l'humain et du monde numérique (DS0707) 2014
Projet SoniMove

Inform, Guide and Learn Actions by Sounds

Musicians adapt their gestures according to the sounds they produce on their instrument, but would they be able to learn such expert gestures without such a coherent, auditory feedback? This question, which illustrates the relation between movements and sounds, reveals the potential interest in sonification as a tool to learn and guide silent gestures. In fact, the sound-gesture adjunction should enable a precise and efficient control of so far unreferenced dynamic gestures, thanks to the high temporal and spatial precision that sounds can offer.

The SoniMove project focuses on the contribution of calibrated sounds to control functional gestures attached to new Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) for cars and to expert gestures specific to sport and music. It is based on the natural tendency of our cognitive system to try to identify the sources that produce the sounds we hear and to precisely identify the dynamic relations (time and space) between sounds and movements. In addition, this project aims at reducing the cognitive load in the visual modality by providing information through sounds. This is of particular interest when proposing new HMIs for cars, since the visual modality should in this case be devoted to driving for security reasons. Hence, this project has the ambition to provide important innovations in terms of industrial and societal results by focusing on the dynamic and interactive information that merely sounds can offer, and that makes it possible to radically reconsider the interaction between audionumerical technologies, new HMIs and human expert movements (sport and music).

The SoniMove project is destined to industrial and societal applications, but it also raises a number of fundamental questions linked to the influence of sounds on human beings. More precisely, it questions how an intimate manipulation of sounds, based on invariant sound morphologies that transmit specific information, can not only inform, but also guide or modify the human motor behavior in a given cognitive context. To answer these fundamental questions and adapt them to industrial applications, we will adopt a theoretical viewpoint in accordance with recent paradigms within the domain of cognitive neuroscience based on the properties of the perception-action loop, that we will evaluate in interactive protocols (enactive loop) by taking into account multimodal processes of integration (sound, vision, movement).

The Sonimove project is naturally organized along 3 intimately linked tasks. These 3 tasks respectively address 1/ fundamental questions linked to sound morphologies and 3D auditive immersion, 2/ fundamental questions linked to sound/movement relations related to the adjustment of motor behavior, 3/ and finally their industrial and societal applications geared to the sonification of new Human/Machine interfaces and to the learning of expert gestures for sport and music through sounds.

To treat all these questions, the SoniMove project unites the necessary expertise in the domains of analysis-synthesis of sounds, sonification, perception of sounds, cognitive science, movement science and human machine interfaces within an interdisciplinary environment that favors the development of enactive and multimodal approaches. It is founded on a collaboration between three partners: two academic laboratories with expert knowledge in the domains of acoustics (Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics, LMA, Marseille) and movement science (Institute of Movement Science, ISM, Marseille) and an industrial partner that is strongly involved in innovative research and development (Society Peugeot-Citroën Automobiles, PSA).


CNRS DR12_LMA Laboratoire de Mécanique et d'Acoustique

ISM Institut des Sciences du Mouvement


ANR grant: 798 969 euros
Beginning and duration: octobre 2014 - 48 mois


ANR Programme: Interactions des mondes physiques, de l'humain et du monde numérique (DS0707) 2014

Project ID: ANR-14-CE24-0018

Project coordinator:
Monsieur Richard Kronland-Martinet (Laboratoire de Mécanique et d'Acoustique)


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