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ANR funded project

Projet InPoSec

Integrated Postal Supply Chain Security

Our aim is to bring to the community a new approach and a new process for postal parcel inspection.

The goal of the program is to demonstrate

We proposed to combine the necessary resources for the success of the project and to implement an effective management on and between the different tasks in order to treat the research subject. In order to guarantee the success of the program, the strategy will be to:

1. Study and address the main issues of the materials analysis by time domain terahertz spectroscopy to analyze the possible contrast to localize suspect objects in a parcel or letter.
(Characterize the materials obtained from the different chemical approaches with, in particular, an ultra wide bandwidth analysis of the dielectric function of the obtained materials from kHz to THz (the base of innovative optical properties)).

2. Adapt or develop revolutionary image recognition and tracking technology using networks of asynchronous spiking neurones. To design and develop a system capable of categorizing objects within a scanning result coming from an X-ray input ( evaluation with Terahertz Rays) and of estimating its danger.
3. Changing conditions and the direction of Customs : Simplifications in Relation to Security Initiatives
4. Spikenet aims at proposing a state-of-the-art system with a reduced complexity, mostly based on its unique approach, that takes X-Rays images as an input: we envision to do so using a massive collection of models covering the entire set of threats available, which signal is later filtered through state-of-the-art classification techniques, to classify objects and assess the threat-level of the input. Object recognition in this context would be a breakthrough of some importance in the field.

The success of the research relies of the identification of the relevant workpackages. Four workpackages will be set in a two steps strategy:

This ANR international project is a natural cooperation between different organisation working towards the same application field. We propose a consortium between several companies and the university /CNRS in Bordeaux in order to federate a unique pluridisciplinary know-how from material characterization to data processing. The integration of industrial partners is an extraordinary opportunity to develop new techniques based on the flexibility and the versatility of the original application of spectro-terahertz imaging into security field.


La Poste La Poste

LOMA Laboratoire Ondes et Matière d'Aquitaine

SPIKENET Spikenet Technology

ANR grant: 1 815 398 euros
Beginning and duration: mai 2012 - 36 mois



Project ID: ANR-11-SECU-0010

Project coordinator:
Monsieur Patrick MOUNAIX (Laboratoire Ondes et Matière d'Aquitaine)


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