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Laboratoires communs organismes de recherche publics – PME/ETI (LabCom V7) 2014
Projet LEMCI

Laboratory of research and modeling for Printed Circuit Boards

The proposal for the ANR LABCOM call focuses on the reliability of printed circuit boards for high technology applications. Its purpose is to develop an integrated strategy in R&D between LEM3, an academic laboratory and CIMULEC, a SME manufacturer of multi-layered and specific PCBs.

The general trend to a necessary densification in any electronic devices leads to the development of a new generation of PCBs with more layers, minimized copper traces and plated holes (microvias). In addition, the expected lifetime and performances in harsh environment requires to use dedicated high-performance base materials. In a nutshell, a printed circuit board (PCB) is a complex multi-layered assembly developed for a very specific goal in which deep expertise in mechanical and material sciences (field of interest of LEM3) is needed. Therefore, a PCB is a relevant candidate to develop a salient combination of fundamental and applied researches.

Up to now, a PCB is designed, engineered and manufactured based on 2D representations which do not enable to perform easily direct numerical simulations. Within the labcom, we propose to rebuild the 3D geometry, from the available 2D layers, so as to reduce the product development cycle time (design by Finite Element simulations). This 3D representation of a PCB is also an important step to prepare rapid prototyping strategy using new additive technologies like 3D printers, which will be emerging for sure in a near future. Right now, the whole PCB industry is not prepared to such a drastic evolution.

Numerical simulations will certainly enable to determine critical configurations without recourse of a large series of tests. This strategy developed within the Labcom will give to CIMULEC key competitive advantages compared to the traditional PCB supply chain approach. From LEM3, it is also a real opportunity to transfer and/or develop new approaches to an evolving industrial environment.

Finally, with the Labcom, LEM3 and CIMULEC propose to create a center of excellence for PCBs. Such center of expertise is not existing and is necessary to stabilize and strengthen the PCB industry in France.


UL/LEM3 laboratoire d'etude des microstructures et de mécanique des matériaux

ANR grant: 300 000 euros
Beginning and duration: mars 2015 - 36 mois


ANR Programme: Laboratoires communs organismes de recherche publics – PME/ETI (LabCom V7) 2014

Project ID: ANR-14-LAB7-0003

Project coordinator:
Monsieur Sebastien MERCIER (laboratoire d'etude des microstructures et de mécanique des matériaux)


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