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Policy for ethics and research integrity

Adopted by the ANR Governing Board on 26 June 2014, the policy for ethics and research integrity describes the fundamental principles to be adhered to in the exercise of research or research training activities, and the rights and duties of those who support, evaluate and perform research work. The researchers and applicant organisations, along with all persons involved in the activities of ANR, must comply with this policy. This policy, which fits resolutely into the framework of principles set out in the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity (July 2010) and the "European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity" published by the European Science Foundation (ESF) in 2010, also complies with the Statement of Principles for Research Integrity adopted at the last Global Research Council meeting in May 2013 and is part of current international developments, such as the European recommendations and the new charter implemented in Horizon 2020.

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