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Peer review

The ANR selection process is based on the principle of peer review, in accordance with the international standards for research project selection. To achieve this, ANR relies on the assistance of regularly renewed panels of scientific personalities external to ANR, and the widest possible international community of scientific experts external to the committees (ad hoc peer reviewers).

The peer reviewers (not members of the panels) are French or foreign scientists, depending on the competencies required for each of the project proposals. They are invited by ANR upon proposal by the evaluation panels based on criteria of competence, reputation, independence and integrity. Before being given access to the complete proposal file, the reviewers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, declare that they have no conflicts of interest and accept the principles of non-disclosure and management of conflicts of interest described in ANR's code of ethics.

These peer reviewers play a key role in the process for selecting project proposals submitted to ANR, given that the discussions of the evaluation panels are based on the peer reviewers' assessment reports. At least three peer reviewers’ reports are required per project proposal and it is these assessments – whether consensual or contradictory in their opinions – that fuel the panels' discussions to reach the ranking of the proposals.

Each year more than 8,000 peer reviewers assist ANR by providing expertise. The agency is very grateful to them for the work they accomplish and their assistance in guaranteeing the selection of projects of a very high standard.

The peer reviewers having contributed to the selection process for calls for proposals (other than certain specific international calls such as ERA-NETs and JPIs) and having accepted that their names be published are listed below per year of edition.