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Quality and Ethics

The prime role of ANR is to organise the funding of project-based research. To do this, it relies on a competitive selection process compliant with the applicable international standards. Over the last few years, the agency has adopted various means of guaranteeing process transparency, compliance with research project selection criteria and sound management of public funds.

Since 2009, ANR's code of ethics (lien vers la page Code of ethics) has set out best practices with which all persons and entities involved in the agency’s activities must comply. This charter guarantees processes' transparency, compliance with the research project selection criteria and sound management of public funds.

In 2014 ANR gave itself additional means by developing a policy for ethics and research integrity (lien vers la page policy for ethics and research integrity). This document - which describes the fundamental principles to abide in the exercise of research or research training activities along with the rights and duties of those who support, evaluate and perform research work - is applicable to researchers, applicant organisations and all persons involved in the activities of ANR.

This policy is in line with the principles set out in the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity (July 2010) and the “European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity” published by the European Science Foundation (ESF) in 2010. It is also compliant with the Statement of Principles for Research Integrity adopted at the Global Research Council meeting in May 2013 and the recommendations of the European funding programme Horizon 2020.

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