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ANR provides funding for project-based research

ANR funds project-based research in all science fields (both basic and applied research) through an internationally compliant competitive peer review process; grant recipients include public research organisations, universities, and companies big and small.

Top Story

Work Programme and Generic call 2018: update

  • First stage of the call is closed; the preproposals are under evaluation (PRC, PRCE, JCJC funding instruments)
  • Second stage coming in February
  • PRCI funding instrument: different timetables
  • Consult ANR's Generic Call 2018

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Setting Up European or International Scientific Networks

“Setting Up European or International Scientific Networks” (Montage de Réseaux Scientifiques Européens et Internationaux - MRSEI), created in 2015, supports the creation of transnational networks coordinated by French researchers. The instrument encourages French participation in European and international calls, with the ultimate aim of giving the country’s research greater international visibility.   Read more