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Groupe d'Etudes et de Nanoanalyses des Effets d'IrradiationS (GENESIS)

Action : Equipements d'excellence

N° de convention : 11-EQPX-0020

Informations générales

  • Référence projet : 11-EQPX-0020
  • RST : Philippe PAREIGE
  • Etablissement Coordinateur : Université de Rouen
  • Région du projet : Normandie
  • Discipline : 2 - SMI
  • Aide allouée : 14 024 800 €
  • Date de début du projet : 01/09/2012
  • Date de fin du projet : 31/12/2019
  • Site web du projet : http://genesis.univ-rouen.fr/fr
  • Mots clés : nanoanalyse; plateforme; matériaux; irradiation; nucléaire; expériences; simulations: longévité : sûreté ; prévisions

Résumé du projet

The GENESIS ("Study and Nanoanalyses of Irradiation Effects" Group) project aims at developing experimental state of art analyses tools at the nanometer and subnanometer scales for irradiated (and radioactive) materials in order to allow understanding, modelling, and finally simulation of the long time behavior of nuclear plant materials. Three research groups are involved in top level research in this field in France: the Material Physics Group (GPM-UMR CNRS, Normandy University), the Department of Materials for Nuclear Energy at the CEA Saclay and the Ions, Materials and Photonics research center in Caen (CEA/CNRS/Normandy University). Our laboratories decided to put together their expertises within a joint program in order to consolidate their efforts to establish a plan aimed at overcoming the technological obstacles which were identified in close collaboration with industrial partners (such EDF, AREVA). These skills merged within the framework of a Group of Scientific Interest (GIS-signed in November 2015). The 1st phase, intiated in September 2012 was extended until 30/06/2018. This extension of the duration of the first phase was requested by the consortium to enable the installation and the putting into service of the Focused ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope (nuclearized) and its shielded cells for the CEA Saclay. This extension impacts on the final payment of the manufacturers. Key dates GENESIS : Phase 1 : February 2013 : Signature of GENESIS agreement May 2013 : Kick-off meeting GENESIS 2013: Procurement procedures to acquire machines 2013-2015: Reception of equipments 2014: Beginging of the construction of the building for the Platform GENESIS in Rouen 2015: Signature of Scientific Interest Group agreement between partners, 2016: July : official opening ceremony of GENESIS Rouen Phase 2: 2015: First analyses of running machines 2017 : January : Authorization of the Nuclear safety authority (GPM) to conduct analyses on radioactive materials.  

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