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Etude du vieillissement accéléré des composants et systèmes solaires photovoltaïques et thermiques et des corrélations climatiques via des plates-formes multi-sites. (DURASOL)

Action : Equipements d'excellence

N° de convention : 11-EQPX-0014

Informations générales

  • Référence projet : 11-EQPX-0014
  • RST : Jens MERTEN
  • Etablissement Coordinateur : CEA Grenoble
  • Région du projet : Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
  • Discipline : 2 - SMI
  • Aide allouée : 6 003 140 €
  • Date de début du projet : 01/09/2012
  • Date de fin du projet : 31/12/2019
  • Site web du projet : www.durasol.org
  • Mots clés : durabilité, systèmes solaires, photovoltaïque, solaires thermique, CSP, concentrated solar power

Résumé du projet

Durasol is a platform containing scientific equipment for testing the durability of solar materials and systems. Aim is to increase the durability of any type of solar energy systems, such as photovoltaic, solar thermal or concentrated solar power. The Durasol platform is coordinated by CEA and counts on seven partners from Industry, Research, and Technology development, which all contribute with their equipment and expertise to projects dealing with the durability of solar materials and systems. For outdoor testing under real operation conditions, a large spectrum of different stress factors are available: UV, Thermal cycling, Salt Spray, High humidity and temperature, as well as high system voltages for PID studies. Furthermore, advanced lab equipment allows for accelerated durability testing under controlled conditions. Durasol is powered by the excellence of the platform partners involved and can be accessed by any interested party. The investment phase of Durasol has been completed by the end of 2015 and all equipement previewed has been implemented and is operational. With the help of Durasol mechanical test benches, we designed in phase 2 (the utilisation phase) a couple of various lightweight, rigid and robust PV modules withstanding mechanical loads for CEA industrial partners, such as the SOLIGHT® and OPERASOL® technologies. These both processes have been transferred to the industrial partners and the commercialization phase of these new technologies are expected to start in the next few months. Also in phase 2, For concentrated solar power applications, accelerate ageing test procedure with climatic chamber for CSP application on absorbers have been developed and applied to solar mirrors.         

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