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Research Laboratory on Drugs and Therapeutic Innovation (LERMIT)

Action : Laboratoires d'excellence

N° de convention : 10-LABX-0033

Informations générales

  • Référence projet : 10-LABX-0033
  • Etablissement Coordinateur : Université Paris Saclay
  • Région du projet : Île-de-France
  • Discipline : 5 - Bio Med
  • Aide allouée : 19 000 000 €
  • Date de début du projet : 13/04/2011
  • Date de fin du projet : 31/12/2022
  • Site web du projet : http://www.labex-lermit.fr
  • Mots clés : Médicament; Maladies cardiovasculaires; Maladies infectieuses; Maladies autoimmunes; Cibles thérapeutiques; Résistance médicamenteuse; Adressage; Chimie thérapeutique; Galénique; Criblage; Substances naturelles

Résumé du projet

LERMIT is an interdisciplinary consortium composed of 16 laboratories spread over 9 locations within Paris-Saclay, working in biomedicine, chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences. LERMIT’s goal is to explore new therapeutic avenues against cancer, cardiovascular, infectious and immune diseases. LERMIT aims at: 1) better understanding the molecular mechanisms causing these diseases; 2) discovering new therapeutic targets; 3) designing and developing new medications to treat - or block the progression of - these diseases; 4) developing new strategies for improved targeting and delivery of the medications at the disease site; 5) improving efficacy of current therapeutics. The Research program started in January 2012 with the projects described in the 2010 application. As most of the laboratories had never collaborated (or even met) before, all these projects were new. 6 of the 8 initial projects with good potential to generate IP were extended for 3 more years until end of 2017. Through our “New Interdisciplinary Project” call, 6 additional projects integrated the LERMIT research portfolio. 11 patent applications have been already filed. A Maturation and Early Drugability committee (MEDCom) was set up to increase IP and ensure the pharmaceutical value of potential drug candidates. It provides technical solutions and pre-maturation funds, and coaches applications to the Paris-Saclay IDEX/SATT pre-/maturation calls. Within our Attraction program, the 2013 laureate of the LERMIT “Junior Team” call won the 2014 "@RAction" ANR Call and obtained an INSERM permanent position in 2015. The 2016 laureate will start her project mid-2017. The Education program has implemented an annual Summer School, an International Chair of Therapeutic Innovation and an annual Symposium. 15 PhD fellowships have also been awarded through an annual call. A LERMIT Junior Network was created in 2015 with specific actions designed by and for PhD students and postdocs.

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