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TECHNOLOGIES INNOVANTES ET DEFIGURATION Images, Gestes, Fonctions (Facing Faces Insitute GUiding RESearch) (FIGURES)

Action : Equipements d'excellence

N° de convention : 10-EQPX-0001

Informations générales

  • Référence projet : 10-EQPX-0001
  • RST : Sylvie TESTELIN
  • Etablissement Coordinateur : CHU d'Amiens
  • Région du projet : Hauts de France
  • Discipline : 5 - Bio Med
  • Aide allouée : 10 494 200 €
  • Date de début du projet : 22/02/2011
  • Date de fin du projet : 31/12/2022
  • Site web du projet : pas de site web
  • Mots clés : motion plateform, tissue engineering ( bone -nerve), functional MRI, head and neck flow study, innovative multimodal analysis plateform

Résumé du projet

   FIGURES received funding approval in 2011, linked directly with the purpose of the Facing Faces Institute, a research institute devoted to disfigurement. Five years later, 55% budget has been used because of the delay in the construction of the institutes building. Therefore, it is impossible to put in place the Experimental Surgery department, including all heavy tools such as robots and experimental MRI. The partners (UTC, CEA List, PlugMed) have carried out projects and have taken the opportunity to respond to calls for tender from industries  Since 2014, the MRI project has been focusing on flow analysis (head and neck vascularization, cerebrospinal liquid). Many other explorations are being done on morphology and function analyses using new anatomy of the head and neck tissues. Elastography and spectroscopy are being used to explore this complex muscle system. The surgical simulation platform is led with CEA to obtain a scientific and objective tool. The second is its upgrading for pedagogy (CPA Simusante) with industry (Anatoscope-HRV) Plugmed was awarded (mondial innovation 2014) for implanted electric transcutaneous connection which was conceived during the Figures project. A partnership with UTC has been developing in: bone tissue engineering with three  projects and the elaboration of an axonal substitute for nerve regeneration with industry transfer goal. A complex platform with a project on motion analysis with many applications is in operation at the UTC site. A project of another platform focused on facial motion analysis is planned for the Amiens hospital for clinical studies. Ongoing, clinicians and researchers.(TTH project) working with disfigurement reflect and explore topics linked to social sciences and humanities. Two exhibitions and one European INTERREG were welcomed with great success. Equipex is strongly involved in the university hospital federation (FHU SURFACE) and the next university hospital strategy too, i.e. the RHU Smilevox 2017        

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