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Laboratoires communs organismes de recherche publics – PME/ETI (LabCom Consolidation) 2017
Projet OncoTrial2

Development of Cellular, Tissular and Animal models in oncology Development of Cellular, Tissular and Animal models in oncology Development of Cellular, Tissular and Animal models in oncology

The Research Unit (UMS) "BIOSIT" and the company "BIOTRIAL" created a Joint Research Laboratory 3 years ago to better understand and develop cellular, tissular and animal models in oncology. This project follows more than 15 years of collaborations between BIOTRIAL and the academic research teams in Rennes.
UMS "BIOSIT" (University of Rennes 1/INSERM/CNRS) brings together all the research teams in the Biology and Health sector in Rennes, around a common scientific strategy. It mutualizes material, financial and human resources to optimize the management of 13 technological platforms and to support research projects within the framework of specific themes whose axis in "cancerology" holds a prominent place. This theme focuses on the link between basic and clinical research. In this context, a scientific dynamic has emerged between BIOSIT and BIOTRIAL company, whose vocation is to carry out clinical and preclinical evaluations of products for health or nutrition. Indeed, in addition to its activities in clinical research and in response to a growing demand from its French and international clients, BIOTRIAL is currently developing preclinical research activities in oncology to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies throughout the development of their molecules.
BIOTRIAL wished, three years ago, to reinforce its already existing links with the academic teams of Rennes and the technological platforms of BIOSIT. The creation of this Joint Laboratory has indeed enabled the company to benefit from the scientific expertise in oncology of the academic researchers present on site, but also to develop together and for joint projects, various innovative cellular, tissular and animal models necessary for the evaluation of novel therapeutic targets. In addition, BIOTRIAL has a recognized sales force in France and internationally, needed for the evaluation of these new therapies to its customers, as well as the know-how established for many years in the realization of non-clinical pharmacological tests.
The cancer models selected initially are those for which Rennes has clinical, biological and research expertise and has collections of human biological samples (managed within the Rennes Biological-Health Resource Center), but also a biobank of canine specimens (CaniDNA). These include glioblastomas, lung, breast and kidney cancers, hepatocellular carcinoma, melanoma and lymphoma. This strong bilateral partnership, through the present Joint Research Laboratory in preclinical oncological research, corresponds to the ideal structure which has responded perfectly well in a very agile way to the expectations of the researchers of BIOSIT and BIOTRIAL company.
This Joint Laboratory, with no legal personality, has led BIOSIT and BIOTRIAL to make available the resources needed to carry out the projects discussed in the Scientific Council, including appropriate technical equipments, as well as competent staff with know-how and expertise. Thus, several publications have already been published or are in preparation in the LabCom and the first industrial contracts have been signed. The consolidation of this LabCom over the next 18 months will allow, in addition to the financial contributions provided by BIOTRIAL, to finalize new or ongoing murine models as well as to develop new in vitro immunoassays for both marketing and scientific projects of the academic researchers.


BIOSIT Fédération de Recherche Biologie, Santé, Innovation, Technologique de Rennes - BIOSIT

ANR grant: 99 997 euros
Beginning and duration: mars 2018 - 18 mois


ANR Programme: Laboratoires communs organismes de recherche publics – PME/ETI (LabCom Consolidation) 2017

Project ID: ANR-17-LCCO-0005

Project coordinator:
Monsieur Thierry GUILLAUDEUX (Fédération de Recherche Biologie, Santé, Innovation, Technologique de Rennes - BIOSIT)


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