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ANR funded project

(DS0706) 2016
Projet CaMoPi

Capture and Modelling of the Shod Foot in Motion

The main objective of the CaMoPi project is to capture and model dynamic aspects of the human foot with and without shoes. To this purpose, video and X-ray imagery will be combined to generate novel types of data from which major breakthroughs in foot motion modelling are expected.
Given the complexity of the internal foot structure, little is known about the exact motion of its inner structure and the relationship with the shoe. Hence the current state-of-the art shoe conception process still relies largely on ad-hoc know-how. This project aims at better understanding the inner mechanisms of the shod foot in motion in order to rationalise and therefore speed up and improve shoe design in terms of comfort, performance, and cost. This requires the development of capture technologies that do not yet exist in order to provide full dense models of the foot in motion. To this aim, the main directions of work within CaMoPi will be articulated around the following three main axes.
1. Combined surface and volumetric motion capture using a hybrid video / X-ray platform to produce new data type on moving shapes. Novel methods will be devised for fusing both imaging modalities within a single coherent 4D model encompassing surface and in-depth volumetric data.
2. Accurate modelling of the foot in motion. A physical in-depth comprehension of the foot motion using multi-body modelling coupled with a finite element method (FEM) will give key information on the foot state. A simplified surrogate model will also be developed.
3. Industrial validation with shoe manufacturers. The new data produced will be analysed by industrials. Key features extracted from the surrogate model will be integrated in the shoe design process. Prototype models will be tested again within the capture system to quantify the improvement, closing effectively the feed-back loop between research and industrial design.
The proposed project implements a full pipeline from data capture and modelling to practical industrial exploitation with CTC, which performs R&D for a broad pool of industrial affiliates. Hence we expect the outcomes in terms of novel data types, capture procedures, and modelling to impact the shoe manufacturing process and more broadly lower limb biomechanics.


ARMINES-CIS ARMINES Centre CIS de l'Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne


Inria - Grenoble Rhône-Alpes Centre de recherche Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes - MORPHEO


ANR grant: 541 387 euros
Beginning and duration: janvier 2017 - 42 mois


ANR Programme: (DS0706) 2016

Project ID: ANR-16-CE33-0014

Project coordinator:
Monsieur Julien Pansiot (Centre de recherche Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes - MORPHEO)


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