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Cultures, patrimoines, création (DS0805) 2015
Projet CLUSTER93

Audiovisual cluster and local dynamics of creativity on the North Parisian region

The Paris Nord area is characterized by the largest number of companies and jobs in the audiovisual industry in France (45% of schools and 65% of the workforce of the Motion Picture sector) (Pôle Média Grand Paris [2013]). This geographical area is also characterized by high cultural diversity of the local community and the presence of creative-cultural communities (artistic communities, training, places, associations ...). Despite this geographical proximity, the interactions between these two worlds are relatively limited in Seine-Saint-Denis. However, many studies and cases in other countries suggested that such links are essential and can be mutually beneficial for all stakeholders of a creative territory. The cooperation among the local community with the audiovisual firms can increase their creativity and strengthen their capacity to differentiate their supply in a strong international competition. Symmetrically, major audiovisual players can highlight practices and actors who remain marginal. Thus, at the level of the territory, the multiplication of interactions between different actors could generate positive externalities: Increased use of local artistic production, improved quality of life, higher attractiveness and social cohesion in neighborhoods, etc.

The objective of this collaborative and multidisciplinary research project (economics, management, geography, communication sciences, sociology, aesthetics) is precisely to highlight the structural and behavioral sustainable interactions among the different stakeholders. For this purpose, we aim to qualify and map the actors, infrastructure, places and establishing links (or likely to establish) within and between the different layers making up the creative area of the Paris Nord. We will conduct field experiments to analyze the conditions for the emergence of possible interactions (middleground) in order to stimulate the integration and training of audiovisual cluster.

The project is supported by six research institutions: New Paris Sorbonne University 3 (IRCAV), University Vincennes-Saint-Denis Paris-8 (ISCA), University of Rennes I (CREM), University Paris-Sud (RITM), Ecole Polytechnique (CRG) and Paris-Est University (LATTS) and two business partners established in Saint-Ouen [Common Image (third place) and Fide (documentary festival)]. The research partners are specialized in the economy of cinema and audiovisual (IRCAV, isca), the urban economy and creativity (CREM in association with researchers from HEC Montreal), the digital economy (RITM, CREM), sociology and development (LATTS, IRCAV) and the management of creativity (CRG).


ARMINES CRG ARMINES Centre de Recherche en Gestion de l'Ecole Polytechnique

CREM Centre de Recherche en Économie et Management

ESTCA Laboratoire Esthétique, Sciences et Technologies du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel

IRCAV Institut de recherche sur le cinéma et l'audiovisuel

LATTS Laboratoire Techniques Territoires et Sociétés

 Les Impatientes

RITM Réseaux Innovation Territoires et Mondialisation


ANR grant: 428 209 euros
Beginning and duration: novembre 2015 - 36 mois


ANR Programme: Cultures, patrimoines, création (DS0805) 2015

Project ID: ANR-15-CE27-0011

Project coordinator:
Monsieur Fabrice ROCHELANDET (Institut de recherche sur le cinéma et l'audiovisuel)


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