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ANR funded project

Micro et nanotechnologies pour l’information et la communication (DS0710) 2015
Projet MIRA

Memristive High Speed Neuromorphic Visual Processing

This project plans to develop a path towards a novel neuromorphic computation paradigm using memristors to process visual information in a highly efficient way and at unprecedented speed. It will make use of a cutting-edge neuromorphic retina sensor that, rather than frames outputs scene-driven, time-encoded visual information at microsecond resolution. The spike output from the camera will feed into an artificial neural network based on memristors and silicon neurons. This approach will provide – for the first time – a way to process visual input at rates up to 100 kHz while at the same time reducing the system’s power consumption. The proposed project is rooted in the emerging field of “neuromorphic engineering”, relying on close interaction of material sciences, neurosciences, mathematics and microelectronics. The MIRA project will contribute new knowledge, techniques and applications to this growing field and the constituent areas.


CCAM Chronocam

IDV Institut de la Vision

IMS Laboratoire de l'Intégration du Matériau au Système

UMPhy Unité mixte de Physique

ANR grant: 742 178 euros
Beginning and duration: octobre 2015 - 48 mois


ANR Programme: Micro et nanotechnologies pour l’information et la communication (DS0710) 2015

Project ID: ANR-15-CE24-0023

Project coordinator:
Monsieur Sylvain SAÏGHI (Laboratoire de l'Intégration du Matériau au Système)


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