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ANR funded project

Accueil de Chercheurs de Haut Niveau (@RAction) 2014

Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) abundance estimation in the north-western Mediterranean sea through an integrated modeling and data analysis approach based on fisheries-independent data

Atlantic Bluefin tuna (ABFT) constitutes the archetypal example of overfishing and need for effective management policies. The recent regulatory measures of the rebuilding plan have introduced extensive changes in the spatio-temporal patterns of the ABFT fisheries, thus significantly affecting the fisheries-dependent indices traditionally employed for its stock assessment in the Mediterranean sea. This project’s aim is to answer the current needs of alternative methods for the population assessment of ABFT in the Mediterranean Sea. It introduces new research paths in the field of fisheries science, through the development and application of modeling approaches coupled to fisheries-independent data (electronic tagging and aerial surveys) for the derivation of indicators usable to assess the status of ABFT populations. This project will be in line with the Marie Curie fellowship scheme that the EU granted me two years ago, which contributed to my mobility outside France and to the creation of a strong network of collaboration within Europe and the USA. As a junior researcher, I have made proof of excellence in multidisciplinary and highly ambitious projects. This project will provide me with the necessary funding for constituting a research team working on the ambitious objective of coupling modeling to field data analyses in France. In this respect, this project will certainly contribute to my career path and my intention of integrating the UMR EME as a permanent researcher.


EME Ecosystèmes Marins Exploités

ANR grant: 274 248 euros
Beginning and duration: décembre 2014 - 48 mois


ANR Programme: Accueil de Chercheurs de Haut Niveau (@RAction) 2014

Project ID: ANR-14-ACHN-0002

Project coordinator:
Madame Manuela Capello (Ecosystèmes Marins Exploités)


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